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OPINION: Mia Culpa

by: - August 8, 2018
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at breakfast with Mia Mottley on Sunday 27 May 2018 in Barbados following her election victory on 24 May

By: Julius Caesar

I listened with a heavy heart at the even heavier voice of Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados seeking to explain the proverbial backstabbing of Dominica for thirty pieces of silver.

The video footage, the face of Prime Minister Mia Mottley has left me, and many other Caribbean nationals most disturbed by such bad judgement.

Mia the Novice

Prime Minister Mia Mottley stated in a dismissive tone that “the Government of Barbados was approached on this matter (of the Ross university relocation to Barbados) on May 31, 2018 within a week of forming the government”.

This is an admission that she was a novice Prime Minister who had tasted the reins of power for less than one week. Her first art of negotiating with a multi-national corporation was to “horn” Dominica in its marriage to Ross University and to deal a most fatal blow to this long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Irresponsible Decision Making

Mia Mottley is an experienced lawyer who must know that every story has two sides.

From her own account she was courted by Ross University on May 31, 2018. She then had a conference call with Ross University on June 1, 2018 to have a number of matters clarified. Then Mia Mottley states, without shame, that she sought to enquire of the state of recovery and rehabilitation in Dominica and whether there was anything she could do to fast track the progress of rehabilitation in Dominica.

This is total gibberish and utter nonsense.

First, Ross University is not the Government of Dominica. Why does she ask Ross about the state of recovery and rehabilitation in Dominica but not ask the Government of Dominica?

Second, why ask Ross about fast tracking the process of rehabilitation in Dominica? Why not ask the Government of Dominica which has overall responsibility for the rehabilitation and recovery of Dominica after the Hurricane Maria disaster?

The Kiss of Judas

Prime Minister Mottley stressed that the relationship between Barbados and Dominica is strong and that both Governments worked closely together. She even accepts that Prime Minister Skerrit was the first leader with whom she met on becoming Prime Minister of Barbados and that she has him on her WhatsApp because they share a personal relationship.

Well with personal friends like Mia Mottley, who needs enemies?

From Prime Minister Mottley’s own statement, Ross University would have approached her just before, or about the time she met with Prime Minister Skerrit, yet she conveniently fails to indicate whether she informed him of the decision by Ross University or discussed with him the impact of that decision on Dominica. Yet, she says that she is his personal friend.

Prime Minister Mottley is silent on whether between May 31, 2018 and any time before or after July 9, 2018 she sent a WhatsApp to Prime Minister Skerrit to put him on notice and to offer to assist him in the recovery and rehabilitation efforts so as to ensure he meets all his goals in making Dominica ready for the Ross University business before January 2019.

Without Prime Minister Mottley’s assistance, Dominica was opened for cruise business before January 2018. Carnival Cruise Line removed Dominica from its itinerary in 2010 citing fuel costs and passenger feedback. In November 2013, Carnival Conquest visited Dominica but the destination was not re-added to Carnival’s itinerary. However, we were able to attract them back to Dominica in July 2018 – that is after Hurricane Maria. If we could attract thousands of cruise ship passengers, many of whom are Americans, then why was there such a mad rush by Ross University to leave Dominica after the 40 years of sacrifices by Dominica; and worst yet, in Dominica’s time of need.

But no, Mia Mottley preferred the thirty pieces of silver and sold her brother like Joseph was. She preferred the kiss of Judas and betrayed her friend Skerrit. Then like Marcus Brutus stabbed the Dominica economy in the back just as Marcus Brutus did to his friend Julius Caesar.

Mea Culpa, Mia Culpa

Mea Culpa is the Latin phrase that means “through my fault”, and as an acknowledgement of having done something wrong (Wikipedia).

Now we are faced with Mia Culpa, the fault of Mia.

On 7th August Prime Minister Mia Mottley wanted to excuse her guilt by saying that Barbados embraced the idea of housing Ross University only when and after it was determined that a return to Dominica was not an option at this time.

This is plain and simply not true. This is hogwash; pure baloney.

The fact is that on July 9, 2018 the Prime Minister of Dominica had written a detailed letter to the CEO of Adtalem Global Education, Ross University’s parent company, giving her an update on every issue and assuring her that the campus would be ready for even an early restart of operations in September 2018.

How then can Prime Minister Mia Mottley speak such gibberish and say that she or anyone else determined that a return to Dominica was not an option or that Ross University could not resume classes in the January 2019 semester?

The Government of Dominica had done everything to have Ross University ready for an early start in September 2018, that is, three months ahead of the January 2019 semester.

But Mia Culpa, the fault of Mia, the betrayal of Mia and the stabbing of the Dominican economy by a woman who calls herself a friend of Dominica, but who the CARICOM Region will always remember as Marcus Brutus, the betrayer.