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Letter: More lies and malice from Cabral, it must stop

by: Anthony W Astaphan, SC - November 8, 2017
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Anthony Astaphan (file photo)

Dear Sir:

I am provoked again to respond to some of the more lies from Cabral Douglas. I do not have the energy to respond to all.

In his recent smear publication “Sir Dennis Bryon exercises right to remain silent”, Cabral alleges Sir Dennis exercised the right to remain silent in order not to incriminate himself. This is not only false, it’s asinine. It would be absurd for the president of the CCJ to engage Cabral or anyone publicly on the wholly unfounded allegations made by Cabral.

Worse, Cabral alleges:

“The complaint states the DFADT Canada did not deem this to be an appropriate use of JURIST funds, and replaced Byron as project director, with Canadian diplomat Penny Reedie.”

This is a complete fabrication and false. It is indisputable that the project of which Cabral complains is still currently managed by the CCJ of which Sir Dennis is president. The CCJ decided to engage a project director for the day to day management. The position was advertised publicly, and subjected to competitive bidding. A director was engaged. This director reports to directly to the president and the project steering committee. This committee is co-chaired by the president and a representative of the Canadian government. Sir Dennis Byron was never replaced as chair of the project as alleged by Cabral or at all. These are easily verifiable facts, yet Cabral manufactures another malicious lie in spite of the facts.

Mr Editor, I do not know much of the laws of libel or contempt of court of the United States of America. I do not know whether the media in the USA is allowed to print or publish any story without the slightest attempt to ascertain the facts. In the Caribbean this is not permitted. Letters and material published on your website are read throughout the Caribbean. Not only are the reputations of a distinguished Caribbean jurist and Queen’s Counsel being dragged willfully and maliciously into the mud, the highest court of a number of countries in the Caribbean, and its judges, are being subjected, implicitly or otherwise, to severe and unwarranted attacks by Cabral on Caribbean News Now. There is simply no factual basis for these very serious allegations made by Cabral.

In my respectful opinion this smear campaign of innuendo, fake news (lies), and misinformation serves no useful public purpose or interest. I have on three occasions shown that Cabral is on a mission of lies and mischief making simply because he lost a hopeless application. His smear campaign is libelous, and constitutes a very serious contempt of court. It imputes falsely corruption, and thereby seeks to bring the CCJ and its judges into public ridicule and disrepute. This is manifestly improper and wrong.

As a citizen of CARICOM I am obliged to request of you that Caribbean News Now no longer open its gates to such lies, libel and contempt of court from Cabral without at least subjecting Cabral’s allegations to stringent review and inquiries including from the persons and institutions he seeks to destroy with malice. In other words, without some attempt to ascertain the facts. And by facts I mean objective verifiable facts, and not the mere assertion of or belief in “a fact”.

I hope you understand my position in this matter.