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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

by: - August 4, 2017
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by Elijah Thomas

The narcissistic personality is a disorder characterized by an undue sense of self-importance, often accompanied by a sense of inferiority. Whereas a degree of self-interest may shield us from the effects of criticism or failure, excessive self-centered can be maladaptive, especially when the craving for affection and reassurance becomes insatiable.

People with this disorder generally exhibit a grandiose sense of self- importance in behavior or fantasy, often accompanied by a senses of inferiority. They exaggerate their talents and accomplishments (con-artistes) and expect to be treated as special without the appropriate achievements (qualifications, degrees). In other words, people ought to know or should know about my capabilities.

Moreover, narcissists are likely to lie and cheat without guilt or remorse in their personal lives, at work, and at school ( Brunell, Staats, Barden, & Hupp, 2011). They are, however, hypersensitive to others’ evaluation and react to criticism with arrogance and contempt. They believe they are unique and can be understood only by special people. They always refer to themselves in the third person e.g. I so and so… Taken from the book Psychology for Living – Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior today (eleventh edition)