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by: - April 13, 2017
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A critique done by Edricka F. Ettienne of the Dominica State College

I wish you’d look beyond my pretty face
—far past the beautiful eyes,
dig deep into my soul
find out what makes me laugh
Discover what makes me cry
that you know just what to say
tears fill my eyes,
those beautiful eyes.
I wish you’d look at my curves
not with lust
but rather
see them as the bumps I’ve been through–
in life
and as you can see
there are many…
but all you see are those hips,
those lips ..
they’ve got so much to say
but you’re so enchanted by
those curves..
that sway
I ask that you see me
and not the skin I’m wrapped up in
that soft smooth skin
and you’ll see that I’m even more beautiful
Rachel Registe

Rather a beautiful peace by one of my favorite writers Rachel Registe this written in April of 2012. The writer speaks from her perspective on how she thinks a man should look at a woman and appreciate the woman not only for her outer flawless beauty but as well as what she has to say, and most importantly what’s within. She basically covers what a true woman who knows her worth and values herself wants a man to look for when he looks at her. This is rather a deep soul searching piece that allows the reader to actually imagine what’s it like to walk in the shoes of woman like that who clearly knows her worth and want other men to see it too.

In my opinion there’s nothing weak about this poem, the writer clearly got straight to the point, keeps her lines short. She addresses the situation head on and uses her literary devices well. This allows any reader to completely understand her platform and what she stands for. Not only did the writer bring out her problem laying strong facts that can’t be denied but she gave a clear picture of what she wanted her readers to analyze. For such a short piece one was able to pick out a hand full of the things the writer clearly isn’t going to allow to stop her from going to the places that are just beyond writing reach. Such a perfectly abrupt written piece.