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TheKSChronicles: The Selfie Generation

by: - April 4, 2017
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By: Kerdisha St.Louis

The latest social media update to take the world by storm, in my opinion, has to be the Facebook story (Similar to snapchat and insta story). Please excuse my rant but I know that I’m not the only one to have reached my limit with this current social-media-invested ‘Selfie Generation’.

Please be clear though, when I say ‘selfie’ I do not mean the literal definition of taking a picture of one’s self, I’m referring to the obsessive need of this generation to document every. single. move. that they make.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not so innocent, I’ve been known to post quite a number of pictures on Instagram, FaceBook and of course Snapchat (add me at kerdikins) however this has mainly been for the purpose of networking as well as my sharing of content and other projects.

The 2000’s have been blessed with many innovative and progressive technological developments, however it has also been filled with those that do nothing to make us better people. The latter can be categorized as avenues to enjoy doing hours of idle-shallow-nothingness. This is probably why it’s been said that this generation might actually be the most self-obsessed and materialistic generation of all time.

I think it’s time to reflect on why it is that we feel this compulsion to show everyone what we have or what we’re doing all of the time. Is it due to trends? Marketing? Or is it the influence of corporations to target the youth by using popular icons for branding purposes?

I believe that it could be a lot of things really, but what makes me upset is the low self esteem issues and self worth issues that this ‘Selfie Generation’ is projecting. This message the world is perpetuating that if you don’t have THIS ITEM, or look like THIS PERSON then you have no value is one that is very dangerous. It’s interesting to think that growing up I never understood why it was so important to have certain things.

To me things were just that…things. Tools be used for their intended purpose, not to represent a certain perceived elevated status or class, nor as a reason to feel ashamed for not owning them. And it hurts me to think that a lot of people still have not come to the realization that physical objects are only worth the value that YOU place on them.

What I mean to say is that, I can feel the exact way about my $45 pair of shoes that you feel about your $5000 ones, I can feel as good about my naked face in the same way you feel good about your made up one. To me price tags don’t matter, trends don’t matter…I like what makes me feel good and that does not necessarily have to do with price.

I’m not by any means saying that to chastise anyone for liking things that are pricey or popular right now. What I want to get out there is this; do not let your happiness be based on what other people think of what you have or what you look like.

In my adult life I’ve come to many realizations, particularly about materialism versus what is really paramount for achieving true happiness in life. I now know better and can confidently say that what I place the most value on are the people in my life and so I encourage this generation to put down the phone, Ipad, tablet or laptop and spend precious time with the people you love.