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Calypso critique

by: - March 16, 2017
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Janae Jackson (file photo)

Juanita Benjamin
DSC student

What is calypso? Calypso is a kind of West Indian music in syncopated African rhythm, typically with words improvised on a topical theme. Calypso is one of the biggest music genres across the Caribbean and has been there for many years, portraying many artists with skill. Some songs may be humorous, informative or encouraging; just like the calypso I have chosen to critique. Janae Jackson, sang a song called “Rise Ghetto Youths” for a calypso competition. It talks about the youth living in the slums and falling into its trap. They would sell drugs, ride scooter and even get pregnant young with no help and they are struggling; but she is sending a message to us. She is encouraging us to go out and achieve our goals, to see beyond what we know, gain confidence in ourselves and be great at our success. Not because we grow up in the ghetto that means our life is set. We must open our eyes and look to the future for hope and rise in greatness.

The strength of this song is the melody and lyrics. The melody has a feel to it that would attract people’s ears to listen and enjoy. The lyrics to the song hits every mark. She is talking about what is happening today is going to continue being our downfall in the future. She is exposing the harsh environment around us, the tough things mothers and young boys go through as well as girls. She trying to lift our spirits and hoping that we would stop the downward spiral.

The weakness of this song is when she says “so don’t end up in poverty…” Some of these young people are already in poverty. Some may not have a way to make it better for themselves because they are not financially stable or have no means of getting better. It does not help, when they were born into poverty to tell them do not end up in it.