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TheKSChronicles: Sometimes it’s not the grass it the gardener

by: - March 15, 2017
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By: Kerdisha St.Louis

We’ve all heard the phrase: “The grass is always greener on the other side.” It’s human nature to occasionally lust after a life that’s idealistic and to occasionally dream of escaping elsewhere. I’ve done it and can’t think of a person who has not. However, more often than not, while we’re busy envying the lives of others, our green-eyed monster paints a picture of something better that we’re dying to seize.

Nothing is a better teacher than life, and what life has taught me is that whatever the case, this mindset will only ever hinder happiness.

There’s another quote that says, “The grass is greener where you water it.”

The other day I wrote an article highlighting my life motto of saying yes to opportunity. I think this can also be applied to this situation. Just as it is easy to say no to positive experiences as a result of fear or self doubt, in a world bursting at the seams with opportunity, it’s easy to feel trapped by the easy, well-known routines we’ve crafted for ourselves.

Life can very easily become a series of habits and plans, going to work and going home while simultaneously always wondering where the time goes. There is no excuse to do this especially living on an island where adventure is literally two feet out the door. There will always be a voice at the back of your mind telling you that there’s exploring to be done, memories to be made and lessons to be learned.

This mindset of thinking the “grass is greener” mostly comes when we realize we’re stuck in an unfulfilled rut. It can feel like we have no control, spending most of our time thinking of what others are doing that we are not. It’s very easy to see how thoughts can wander to the exciting experiences and adventures waiting to be embraced.

Creating a greener outlook for yourself can only be done by you. If you feel like life isn’t where you want it, take control. You alone have the power to make the grass as green as you would like. Take the time to dream, lock in on what truly makes you excited and then make plans to go get it.

I’ve learnt that talk is cheap…if you know what it is you want, stop talking about it; stop complaining that you don’t have it and go grab it. What you want out of life does not have to be huge or extravagant, but it should be something that will ultimately enhance and nurture your overall life. Be sure, however, that what you want is really what you want and not what you ‘think’ you want.

When we are content within ourselves, our goals and desires become clear. When we are not content then our wants and needs are not real. When you’re not content, you spend your whole life jumping from one thing to another, always hoping the next thing will be the one big thing that makes you happy. And, if that’s your approach, it will never happen.

Our world is addicted to a “Bigger is better” and “What’s next?” mentality. So the idea of just slowing down and enjoying what you have right in front of you before moving on to the next thing is foreign to some people.

At the end of the day the most important thing is to nourish what you have within your grasp now. Your watering can won’t stretch beyond the grass right in front of you.

Contentment is a powerful thing. Be grateful for where you are in your life right now. Maybe there’s nothing actually wrong with your grass; you just aren’t looking at it with grateful eyes.