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A poetic expression of my first impressions of Dominica

by: - March 9, 2017
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By: Malaika Samuel,
Dominica State College student

A poetic expression of my first impressions of Dominica

Love affair
Beautiful Dominica,
Will you really be mine?
How you move me
As I search for answers
That are buried deep in my heart.

We belong together –
You calm my troubled mind
And sooth my weary soul.
Your majestic mountains and rushing rivers
But you also captivate me.
How sensational each moment seems
When I am enveloped in your earthly
Why do you cast this spell on me?
Perhaps I will never know.
Instead, I will revel in your healing touch
And reciprocate with gratitude and love.

This poem was found on Ti Domink Tales, created by Gwenith M. Whitford, year 2012, which contains stories, articles, reflections, musings about Dominica, the Nature Island. They are posted and shared to other around the world. This poem is about a tourist first impression of the island, Dominica when he/she first came here, their travels around the island was beautiful that the mountains were full with lush green forests and rushing rivers that held many stories and secrets that remain special to others to come back and make more memories. The sounds of the waterfalls calm trouble mind and relax weary souls away from there busy schedules and problems providing quiet comfort and consolation to enjoy their experience and stay at Dominica. The earthly charm that the land provides is a word of art that nature cast a spell on its visitors giving them a wonder moment that heals their stress and pain away.

The weaknesses of this poem is that sentences are too short and don’t give much of vision of what the island is like at the beginning. The starting of the poem where “Love Affair” is written don’t give a lot of information on what the writer is talking about or what happened there. “We belong together” in this line where the writer is referring the island as a lover which starts off romantic but then they inserted “Your majestic mountains and rushing rivers” to describe what is on the island, which will confuse others thinking that the writer is talking about their lover but instead about an island. The idea of poem “A poetic expression of my first impressions of Dominica” is to write about what they feel on their travels around Dominica but the first three lines which are “But you also captivate me. Without the title of the readers would have think that the poem is about the writer’s lover instead of an island named Dominica. How sensational each moment seems, when I am enveloped in your early charm” more seems to be a romantic time with their lover.

The strengths of this poem is the melody of the poem and give the reader the feeling of what they experience on their time here. The material have been presented clearly, accurately and effective. This material is organized that it gives detail on what the person felt when they first came. This poem is intended to attract tourists to the island to also experience what the writer had written.
The poem gives a beautiful detail feeling about the island.