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by: - February 21, 2017
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by Curvia John

Red or blue?
The saw or the shoe?
Choose carefully before someone hates you.

We call it a democracy
To keep everyone happy.
But is only in this dear place
That democracy can bring such hate.

You would think is your vote to do as you please
But you better believe that your vote breaks up families

Brother? Where? Sister who?
You mean to tell me I have an aunty too?
I guess is because I place an ‘X’ by the shoe.

So, you telling me I can break the law
Just because I put my ‘X’ next to the saw.

Your ‘X’ will determine if you go jail
Or if you will be posted out on bail.
And finishing school isn’t a must
It all depends on who knows your boss.

So, listen up and listen good
Your ‘X’ will tell you if your house will be made out of concrete or wood.
So always keep quiet about who you admire
And reap the benefits of what your ‘X’ can acquire.

Just remember an ‘X’ can give you all you want
A job, a house and even a bank account.
But when it’s all over and the results are in
Your favorite color might not win.

But then you sit in your new house and wonder
Why does an ‘X’ even matter
Your family is now a little smaller
And everyone stares at you in anger

And you smile and shake your head at the obvious hatred
Because no one knows what’s in your head
They won’t understand the reason for your deed
They won’t understand your passion or need.
Instead of giving just one party your ‘X’
You did what no one will guess.

You shared your ‘X’ in two
One line for the red, one line for the blue.
One line for the saw, one line for the shoe

NOTE: This was a poem written as part of a poetry portfolio based on Dominican life, as part of West Indian Literature Class taught at the Dominica State College. It was submitted in March 2016.