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Biography of Walter Desabaye

by: - April 29, 2015
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Walter Desabaye was born to Charles Walter Desabaye and Rita Cuffy Desabaye on August 5th 1947. He was a child of Pichelin in Dominica. Regardless of where he lived or travelled to, Pichelin was always home and in his heart. He always took an active interest in the development and support of the Pichelin community, as well as the Grand Bay region.

Even though he spent the majority of his life in Dominica, and a brief period in Trinidad, his years in St. Thomas and in Canada were very well remembered, by all he encountered there. Lifelong friendships and countless stories were spawned from those years and even when he no longer lived there, he was always in touch with his friends and visited them frequently. To Walter, his friends were family. This was particularly true in Canada, where he made his home for a number of years, and where he chose to spend his last days.

Professionally, he is best known for D Supply and Tyre Store and R&C Auto Ltd., the two businesses he toiled to bring to success over the last 30 plus years. But as a baker, farmer, mechanic, lumberjack, coal maker, truck driver, entrepreneur and business owner, he has warn many hats over the years. He was truly a jack of all trades. He was as comfortable cooking a broth as he was repairing a chainsaw.

Despite being the sixth of Charlie’s seven children, and Rita’s second, he was always a rock for his siblings. He was a father figure too, assisting his mother in the years after his father’s passing. He made it his business to acquaint himself with every branch of his family tree, regardless of generation. He did his best to impart that commitment to family to his six children, and to introduce them to as many relations within his extensive family tree as he could.

Walter lived life to the fullest. He strived to be better every day, in every aspect of his life. He worked hard, and when the time came, he played hard. He was quick to smile and quick to laugh. Always reliable, he made it a point to be there as much in the bad times as in the good. He always had a compassionate ear for friends and family, and could be counted upon to give direct and honest feedback when asked. He was always honest about who he was, and earnest in his endeavors to better himself. His religious devotion was not something he advertised but had taken on increased importance in his life over the years. Separate from his church activities, he exemplified the will of Christ by his willingness to help others, using the blessings that were bestowed on him to help those he could.

Walter was well known, and will always be remembered and well loved.

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