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Who’s really running the UWP in St Lucia?

by: - July 31, 2014
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Dear Sir:

Current events within the United Workers Party (UWP) in St Lucia have many thinking how many political babies are in there playing with people lives and the reputation of a 50-year-old institution built by strong men and women of goodwill with the late Sir John Compton.

Sometime ago, the pit-bull, Hon. Richard Frederick, tried to alert everyone that Allen Chastanet behaves like an overgrown baby… using money like toys. Lately we know he has no respect for anyone, he displays his two-faced personality at will and believes in his brain lock mind that he is the messiah to clean us from original sin.

You gotta love Wikileaks too: “Chastanet talks a lot of rubbish when it comes to regional air transport.” He (Gonsalves) further criticized St Lucia’s Alan Chastanet as among “a species of brown people in the Caribbean with money” who are “not loyal to anybody”. Gonsalves continued by noting that such people, whom he described as “Castries mulattos”, believe they are “oracles” and represent a “break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean.”

Ever since Allen Chastanet hijacked the UWP with his imperialist father and Oswald Augustin, along with their selfish agenda, there are four categories of Flambeaus. Original Flambeaus, New Flambeaus, Rejected Flambeaus and St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) spies in Flambeau. Last week, two Francis brother jumped ship with all their baggage, longer than a rap artiste’s rap sheet to join Catherine Sealys. I can’t wait for the State Department to make their files public information.

So which groups of Flambeaus are running the UWP? Which combination makes 241 — a good old fashion pizza advertisement?

Is it Allen Chastanet and his imperialist father, a turncoat UWP (former SLP, ambassador at large, chairman of NDC, Bank of St Lucia and advisor to Dr Kenny Anthony)? And why Allen Chastanet, described as “Castries mulattos”, who believes they are “oracles” and represent a “break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean,” must never gain political power in Saint Lucia? Or is it the Rejected Flambeaus and St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) spies in Flambeau?

Then you have Catherine Sealys, an SLP reject, whose job is Allen Chastanet scheduler, butt kisser and mouthpiece. She is well supported by Laura Jn Pierre, a nuisance on News Spin on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many times I have to adjust the volume on my hearing aid when they come on with their gibberish.

It is the same Catherine Sealys and United PAC who had a big hand in dumping Hon Stephenson King for 30 pieces of silver that is still not paid one year after the convention. Her boutique is closed and the SLP is not giving any more procurement contracts to her. But, hello, Catherine Sealys is hell bent as cheerleader of Allen Chastanet, as they put it “to dump Hon Richard Frederick sooner rather than later.” And as Allen Chastanet told a redcap agent at Hewanorra Airport, “Richard Frederick will be history when I return from vacation.” Ooh la la!

Catherine Sealys is the secretary for the United PAC, with New Flambeaus like Petra Nelson as president. That’s not all. Catherine Sealys is a member of the UWP special candidate committee and lead drafter of requirements to become a UWP candidate and Catherine Sealys is the lead drafter for the UWP individual and constituency questionnaire.

You get the drift by now — Catherine Sealys is making way for a wave of SLP “ship jumpers “and Kenny Anthony rejects to graze.

Then you have the Rejected Flambeaus who run Allen’s executive, who are monitored by Guy Joseph, Allen Chastanet’s Creole translator and endorsed by him as the smartest politician in Saint Lucia. Well… I guess so, if the Town and Village review and the Water and Sewage Company, (WASCO) letters have not yet issued him a court date and a vacation at the 40 star Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Which leaves the Original Flambeaus, and a sub-section of New Flambeaus out in the wilderness wondering what is going on. Why have we allowed this to happen? My party the UWP is going through a lot of pain. It has lost its soul to SLP rejects. It has lost its way with new socialist student of Che Guevara and his imperialist father.

This may be interesting times to some but I refuse to be used, abused, and rejected, by political monkeys playing Tarzan.

I’m too old for that!

By: Tori Fatal