Kalinago Territory most supportive of Softball Cricket

by: Dominica Vibes News - June 20, 2018
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The Kalinago Territory has been labelled as the most enthusiastic community on the island where softball cricket is concerned.

President of the Dominica Softball Cricket Development Association, Heston Charles, said its training and recruitment outreach in the Kalinago Territory was successful.

“Kalinago Territory has been one of the most enthusiastic community when it comes to cricket,” Charles said during an interview with Dominica Vibes.

The softball association was so well received that it is eager to return following the conclusion of the Kalinago Premier League, Charles indicated.

“They have the KPL running and they have a lot of teams in that KPL and they have always shown a lot of interest in cricket and umpiring.”

Due to their interest in the sport, Charles said it is important that the umpires are well trained.

“We need to get them trained so that umpires can always be competent when they get on the field.”