Police officer may face lawsuit for assault

by: - May 29, 2012
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Brian Mourillon seen bleeding and holding his head right after the incident

Police officer Pelham Jno Baptiste may face criminal and civil charges by three citizens who claim that they were assaulted and battered by him.

Twenty-two year old Brian Mourillon, Roy Massicot and Gregory Massicot of Vieille Case claim that a police officer assaulted them during the staging of the third Digicel Test Match at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and they are seeking legal redress.

Part of that unfortunate incident was inadvertently caught on camera by Sat Telecoms who was on the scene.

The defendants were arrested and charged on April 26th, 2012 for offences including assault, battery and abusive language.

The incident allegedly started at the Adam Sanford Stand when one of the defendants, Gregory Massicot was asked to “lean off” the railing and find a seat.

The defendant claims that he did adhere to the request by the officer; however the officer subsequently returned and was minded to arrest him.

His relative, Roy Massicot sought to inquire from the police as to the reason for issuing that arrest but was then accosted by him who claimed that Roy was obstructing him from executing his duties and “forcefully” removed from the stadium.

Eye witness reports indicate that the men were heard arguing with the police after they were asked to be quiet several times.

Brian Mourillon who can be seen receiving a blow to his head by the police officer in the three minute video was charged with assault, resisting arrest, obstruction and threats which he pleaded not guilty to when they appeared before Magistrate Candia Carette-George on May 10th, 2012.

Roy Massicot was pleaded not guilty to obstruction of police while in the execution of his duties, assault and battery while Gregory Massicot pleaded not guilty to resisting arrest, escape from lawful custody, assault on police and abusive language.

The matter has been adjourned to 14th August, 2012.

Meanwhile, one of Brain Mourillon’s relative who brought a copy of the video to Dominica Vibes News expressed outrage over the incident.

“Watch that video and tell me if you see Brian assaulting or threatening anybody” she asked.

The police have declined to comment on the matter as they claim it is “under investigation”.


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