Dominica and Panama establish diplomatic relations

by: - March 15, 2012
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Ambassdor Charles and Ambassador Chochez at Thursday's ceremony in Washington.

The Commonwealth of Dominica and Panama have established diplomatic relations at a ceremony at the Organization of American States Headquarters in Washington on Thursday.

Dominica’s Permanent Representative to the OAS Ambassador Hubert J. Charles, described the occasion as part of Dominica’s efforts to “re-align and strengthen” relations with Panama.

Charles noted further that it also “underscores the policy of the Commonwealth of Dominica regarding the importance of partnerships” and pledged Dominica’s commitment to contribute to the partnership.

“In fact, within the framework of the fullest respect of national sovereignty we expect that they will enable us to benefit from but also contribute to the viability of our hemisphere. As such we re-dedicate ourselves to the OECS community, to the CARICOM community but also to the hemispheric family and beyond”.

He thanked Panama’s Ambassador to the OAS Guillermo Cochez for his efforts and assistance in making Thursday’s signing possible and assured him “that this is not the end, but the end of the beginning and that we will do our part in ensuring that it results in strengthened social, cultural and economic ties between our two countries”.

Ambassador Cochez expressed “joy” to formally establish diplomatic relations with Dominica.

He said however that is was “strange” that the countries are only now formalizing this relation.

“For a strange and not clear reason, our countries until now formalizing this relation, I say strange because Panama and Dominica are sister nations from the very start of the Panama Foundation we share with all the Caribbean nations and in this case with Dominica unique bonds as you all know that had shaped our culture and so many aspects of our people”.

One “noble example” of the unique bond he highlighted was “the work of many Caribbean brothers to the construction of the Panama Canal including Dominicans”.

Ambassador Chochez communicated his Panama’s “commitment to enhance” friendly relations Dominica.

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