Speaker wins her case against IPO

by: - October 3, 2011
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Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mrs. Alix Boyd-Knights.“Vindicated”, that’s the word Speaker of the House of Assembly Alix Boyd Knight used to describe her victory in court against the Integrity in Public Office Commission (IPO).

In August 2010, Boyd-Knights was among twenty-five public officials against whom legal action had been taken for alleged failure to meet a March 31, 2010 deadline in declaring their assets.

She maintained however that she did in fact declare her assets on time and held receipts from the Integrity Commission indicating that she in fact filed on March 31, 2010.

The Speaker, who was represented by attorney Francine Baron-Royer, also called on the Integrity in Public Office Commission to “get their act together”.

“I always felt that I was badly treated by the IPO and there’s nothing that has happened that has since convinced me otherwise. They brought the evidence that they said they had and my attorney made a no case submission on the grounds that they had not been able to prove their case and the magistrate accepted it and that was it, I had no case to answer,” she explained.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Gene Pestaina said at the time that the Speaker did not adhere to the existing rules in the papers that she filed.

He explained that the information the Speaker filed is called a statement of affairs, which did not amount to a declaration according to the act.

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