by: - October 21, 2020
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Photo Source: Daily Echo

A Dominican living and working in Southampton, England, Daryl John-Charles, can be considered a hero after being able to save the life of a 79-year-old British citizen, Albert Frost, who doctors said suffered a ventricular tachycardia, causing his heart to stop.

John-Charles is a delivery driver but changed hats when he saw a man collapsed onto his wife while walking along Elderberry Close, Eastleigh.

British media outlet, Dailyecho reported that the man stopped breathing and his wife was shouting for help when Daryl, who happened to be nearby, rushed over and jumped in.

John-Charles dialed the ambulance who instructed him to administer CPR to the lifeless Albert Frost.

Speaking with Dominica Vibes via WhatsApp, John-Charles indicated that it was an overwhelming experience.

“It’s an overwhelming feeling to see someone pass away and have their loved one there in tears and to see that I was able to help in that way and bring him back it’s overwhelming and to see the joy in the wife as well when he started breathing again,” John-Charles stated.

He added, “The man was blue and motion-less and I just kept going, his cheeks started to get redder, you see the blood pumping through him, but he wasn’t breathing properly yet or anything so I kept going and when he took that first breath it was like ‘Woah’. It was like come on mate you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it, come on. And I just kept going and going until the ambulance got there, some overwhelming feeling and humbling at the same time, it’s amazing the responses I’ve got.”

John-Charles further added that this is a milestone in his life and something he will never forget.

“I’m just happy that I could just save a life,” he said. He further added, “Not everyone can get to save a life like that in their life time, you could stop someone from getting run over or something, but their life hasn’t gone yet in that sense. But to actually see someone pass and you were able to bring them back with no skills known to you already. It’s amazing and overwhelming.”

It was reported by Daileyecho that the 79-year-old British citizen, Albert Frost, is now back home with his family following the incident.