by: - October 19, 2020
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The Division of Agriculture within the Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security on Thursday throughout the seven agricultural regions, extension officers and 4-H Clubs of the various areas took part in an exercise that involved students of primary schools in seedlings and seedlings production.

Information Officer within the Division of Agriculture, Petra Grell-Shillingford shared the details of Thursday’s activities.

“So, the 4-H normally as we know is engaged and works with us when it comes to anything agriculture based and so as part of world food day 2020 this was one of the initiatives. So, we were grateful for persons and organizations like the Alpha Centre and the various schools which were able to participate. We had the Roseau Primary, we have the Saint Mary’s Primary, the Newtown Primary and yesterday some work had already started with the Warner Primary school and the Belles primary school undertaking similar activities. So whereby the students were able to put into seedling trays some seeds, vegetable seeds, and obviously they are quick turn over crop, so by December they should have a bountiful harvest and they can go home to their families with their harvest from their hard work. So, we are grateful to the 4-H club for partnering with us as we continue to ensure that good and nutritious food is available to all.”