by: - August 21, 2020
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Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia Constituency, Kozier Fredrick

As the Parliamentary Representative the Salybia Constituency I denounce the politically motivated protest actions led by the opposition with regards to the official residence of the Prime Minister.

I am very disturbed that there is a mobilization of residents of the Kalinago Territory and Atkinson village to participate in protest actions against state provided accommodation for the Prime Minister.

Those who participate in that particular action are clearly not representative of the people within the constituency because many of us understand the need for the office of our islands leadership to be treated with respect and dignity.

I strongly urge that the people of the Salybia constituency continue to focus on the developmental work which commenced under this administration- all of which have significantly improvement our quality of life. We must be reminded of Public Assistance to the elderly, Universal Secondary Education, Sponsored State College Education, the Pit Latrine Eradication Program, Small Business Financing, the Housing Revolution, and infrastructural developments inclusive of road works and other public amenities.

It is very important that the people are not side tracked by the representative of the Parliamentary opposition in the Salybia Constituency on the heels of a very successful Indigenous peoples Day, where I assisted to continue to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population. There appeared to be absolutely no mobilization by this representative to encourage supporters to attend that event which also acknowledged the achievements and contributions that indigenous people continue to make to improve world issues like environment protection and human rights.

This particular behaviour by the political opposition should not be tolerated by the citizens of this country because the  leadership of the government continue to enhance the quality of life, promote economic opportunity, and carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of all by providing better services, opportunities and results within government.

I am therefore urging my constituents to desist from participating in this present activity or any others aimed at destabilizing the country and hindering the progress outlined in this year’s budget for the advancement of the Salybia Constituency and Dominica in general.