DAIC Advocates for Closer Collaboration with US Embassy

by: - August 20, 2020
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President of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, Kenneth Green has described a recent meeting with the Political Officer of the United States Embassy in Barbados as a productive exchange.

The discussions covered open channel for information exchange, private sector development and joint initiatives.

Topics on hand included closer collaboration with the Private Sector in Dominica and the recent Travel Advisory issued by the United States.

According to Green, he recently had an e-meeting with the political officer of the United States Embassy in Barbados.

DAIC Predisent, Kenneth Green

“It was a very fruitful discussion and it covered collaboration between the DAIC and the United States embassy in particular, to support some entrepreneurship ventures that we are currently undertaking.”

The meeting also covered the recent release of a travel advisory by the United States embassy.

“We updated the embassy and the embassy did take on our updates. And that will be translated into a new update that will be provided by the embassy for the travel advisory that takes in the successes of COVID-19 management by Dominica as well as the climate for business and tourism travelers in Dominica.”

Green thanked the United States Embassy for their collaboration and the communication that extends both from that call and also from future initiatives that the DAIC will be planning together.

The United States is expected to issue an updated Travel Advisory to reflect a more recent profile of the success of Covid-19 management in Dominica and the prevailing climate for business and tourism in Dominica for US Citizens.