A timely Flow ‘Bag ‘Ah Money’ for Dwayne Bellot

by: - August 18, 2020
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ROSEAU, Dominica (August 17th, 2020) – ‘An answered prayer for my hospitalized mom’ was how Bath Estate resident Dwayne Bellot welcomed the news that he won $10,000 from Flow.


The IT Technician employed at the Dominica National Lottery received the surprise at his workplace on Friday. Bellot, entered the Flow ‘Bag ‘Ah Money’ promotion draw by opting for Flow’s postpaid service for his small business, approximately one week ago.


The news could not have come at a better time since Bellot was in dire need of some extra funds to aid his mother, currently a patient at the Dominica China Friendship hospital. Bellot who has a close relationship with his mom, had been terribly worried as to where the funds would come from to pay for tests and other medical needs while she was hospitalized. “This is exactly what I needed right now” stated Bellot, as he looked up to the heavens with tears in his eyes. “I will save some of the money and use the rest to assist my mother; in fact I will use all of it for her if needs be,” said a stunned Bellot as the Flow team presented him with the cash.


The presentation to Bellot was very well orchestrated. Flow worked closely with his Manager Ken George at the Lotteries Commission to facilitate the surprise. “My manager called me to check the TV in the customer area which according to him was not functioning, but when I got downstairs, I saw that the TV was working quite fine” stated Bellot. “But then I heard the excitement from Flow outside the office stating that someone at the Lottery’s office was the winner of $10,000. All I remember going through my mind was that ‘I wish it were me,” he said.


“I am very pleased that Dwayne Bellot chose Flow as his preferred provider for his small business” noted Flow General Manager Jeffrey Baptiste. “I am even further touched by the level of compassion that Bellot has for his mother and the fact that he is putting her needs above all else in terms of his intentions for the funds,” added Baptiste.


Dwayne Bellot is the first of two grand prize draw winners of $10,000 in the Flow Bag ‘Ah Money campaign this summer. The second draw will be held early September while the weekly draws of $1,000 continue. Customers can qualify by purchasing pre-paid credit of $10 or more, sign-up for postpaid service, port-in/switch to Flow or by activating any always on prepaid combo plan.