PM Calls For Cooperation of Citizens and Visitors to Avoid Resurgence of COVID-19

by: - August 10, 2020
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is calling for the cooperation of all citizens and visitors to avoid the resurgence of COVID-19 here on island.

The Prime Minister says persons must not get too complacent.

He says citizens would have great difficulty in surviving if the government has to shut down the country’s economy due to a resurgence of the coronavirus.

This call comes after the Government of Dominica officially opened its boarders to citizens and visitors.

“We note the experiences of other countries and would want to avoid the same fate of having to reimpose restrictions on our movements.”

“Closing the economy would deal another major blow to livelihoods and to the country’s finances. We do not want to go down this road again at all,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

The Prime Minister implored all citizens and visitors to adhere to all protocols to help Dominica avoid the risk of infection and spread.

He also expressed great concerns about the illegal entry into Dominica from both nationals and non-nationals.

“We are very concerned about the illegal entry into Dominica by people,” the Prime Minister noted during his Anou Palay show.

“I’m saying to us that we will not take lightly anybody coming into the county, whether you’re a citizen of Dominica coming in illegally or a non-citizen. If you’re a citizen and you stranded in Guadeloupe or Martinique, go to the consulate that we have in these countries or send a message to family and friend who can go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Security and we will facilitate you coming to Dominica through the legal channels,” Skerrit said.

He further added, “You coming into the country, we will test you to ensure that you don’t have COVID-19 for your own good, the good of your family and the good of the country.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that there is a zero-tolerance for people wanting to enter the country illegally.

“We will be acting very swiftly and very decisively on this matter and so Dominicans who are facilitating people coming into our country illegally, stop…just stop that practice, because we will not relent in our efforts towards addressing this matter,” the Prime Minister stated.