The Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management donates equipment to the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division

by: - August 10, 2020
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ROSEAU, DOMINICA- On Friday 7th August 2020, the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division received tools and equipment valued at approximately US$20,000, from the Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management (PISLM) which is the Executing Agency for the GEF funded, UNEP implemented Project “Strengthening Resilience of Agricultural Lands and Forests in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria”.
The “Strengthening Resilience of Agricultural Lands and Forests in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria” was conceptualized to address some of the challenges exacerbated by the series of adverse climatic conditions experienced by two critical sectors of Dominica’s environmental and economic core; Forestry and Agriculture. In particular, the project seeks to support the Reforestation efforts of the Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks Division. The support provided to the Division will include tools and equipment, planting material and training for Forest Technicians in the area of Watershed Management & GIS (geographic information system, a framework that provides the ability to capture and analyze spatial and geographic data).
The tools and equipment, including water pumps, shovels, wheel barrows and mixers among others will advance ongoing works of the Division particularly in the rehabilitation of forests through Silviculture. They were officially handed over to the Director of Forest, Wildlife and Parks Division, Mr. Minchinton Burton, by Alison Alfred, PISLM National Project Manager (Dominica). Mr. Burton stated that the Division is grateful for the partnership and support from the PISLM which is important for continuing works not only to rehabilitate the forest but also to enhance agricultural development.
He stated that due to the substantial decimation of forest by Hurricane Maria, our watersheds and forest have been compromised and so requires consistent investment and effort toward rehabilitation. The Director says, “This is a long term ungoing project which requires national effort.” He says everyone can contribute to the project by planting trees. Ms. Alfred said that PISLM is honoured to provide the much needed tools and equipment to the Division.
PISLM was established based on a decision taken at the Caribbean Sub-Regional workshop on Land Degradation in February 2004. PISLM serves as a mechanism to facilitate exchange of good land management practices between participating countries, and serves as a mechanism for stimulating the replication of approaches, tools and methodologies throughout the region.
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