Dominica Gets Ventilators from OECS Commission and Corporate Partners

by: - July 27, 2020
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      OECS Director-General Dr Didacus Jules


Dominica will get two ventilators and a shipment of medical-grade face masks from the OECS Commission compliments Digicel st Lucia and Massy Stores St Lucia and Saint Vincent.

In a live-streamed ceremony this morning, representatives of Massy stores and Digicel St Lucia described their contributions as an acknowledgment of their corporate responsibility to the region.

When the global coronavirus pandemic was determined a threat, the OECS Commission issued a call for partners to help support the region’s fight against the fast-spreading illness.

Digicel and Massy Stores each donated an initial US$100,000 each which helped procure personal protective equipment in the form of masks as well as five ventilators.

OECS Director-General Dr Didacus Jules commented, “Look at what is happening in some of the developed countries; the big multi-national corporations are calling on their governments to assist with bailouts and other incentives to recover from this crisis. In the Caribbean however, we don’t have some of the luxuries that these developed countries have to recover. There is no way that governments can give massive bailouts to the private sector but it is interesting that our private sector in the OECS has responded despite the hit to them in the ways which they have.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the world’s economy and proving difficult to sustain business, Dr Jules is highlighting the fact that the private sector in the OECS is rising to the occasion. 

“I think that is where we sound our appreciation to partners like Massy and Digicel who have come forward because whereas multinationals far larger than they are asking for bailouts to the tune of trillions, here they are suffering equally from Covid but assisting in every way possible to make this thing happen,” he shared.

An appreciative OECS Director-General Dr Didacus Jules said thank you “for their contribution and look forward to a new relationship.”

Dominica and St Lucia will get two ventilators each and Saint Vincent will get one.

From Digicel’s involvement, about 60, 000 masks were sourced and will be distributed to nine member states based on population size.