Tourism Recovery to be Fueled by Tourism Task Force

by: - July 25, 2020
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                    Hon Denise Charles


A Tourism Task Force was created by the Ministry of Tourism to to refuel the recovery of the tourism industry in Dominica factoring in the new normal for visitors and travel.

Both public and private sector partners were represented on the force, according to the Hon Minister for Tourism, Denise Charles.

“Their work was subdivided into four key pillars namely: air and sea access, product development, standards and protocols, marketing and promotions.

The Minister detailed the accomplishements of the taskforce so far:

“Recommendations for the Covid-19 travel protocols; provide stability and reassurance to stakeholders; identification of improved access routes, and development of standards for all service providers including accommodation…”

The Honorable Tourism Minister also shared, “We have taken a focused approach for the short and medium term firstly we must all pay focused attention to the evolving tourist.

“All tourists no longer fit into the same category. All tourists no longer come to Dominica for the same reasons they did ten years ago.”

Charles indicated that to keep up with the changing demands of the new demographic of tourists, the tourism product must also change.

“The demographic of the tourist is also changing, therefore, we must develop and diversify in tandem. With this in mind, the Ministry focus in the short term will be on agro-tourism, aqua-tourism, health and wellness and community tourism.”

Agro-tourism refers to people visiting working farms or other agricultural operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or other active involvement while aqua-tourism refers to tourism for the purpose of water-based activities such as sailing and diving.