Drug Squad Burns 5,042 lbs of Marijuana and Cocaine

by: - July 15, 2020
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The Drug Squad of the police force burned close to 5,000 pounds of marijuana and cocaine on Friday- a periodic occurrence.

Although cannabis use is being legalized and regulated in several world nations and even is neighbouring countries, the substance remains illegal here in Dominica.

There has been declarations by lawmakers that cannabis use will be decriminalized but until then, police continue to seize and destroy quantities of the drug in its varied forms.

Acting Inspector of Police, Charles Dominique on Friday spoke with the press in Morne Bruce before the event which saw the end of almost 4,596 pounds of cannabis and 446 pounds of cocaine.

He revealed that the global health crisis caused by covid19, has not had any significant impact on drug traffickers or police operations.

Speaking with the media, acting Inspector Dominique confirmed that despite the global pandemic, the level of drug activity has remained unchanged.

“Drug activity has never ceased during covid, (with) shipments going to and fro.”

He also said that the restriction of movement of individuals did little to stop criminal elements of society as they still found ways to conduct their illegal transactions.

“These people still find a way to transact their transaction because (with) criminals there are no boundaries.”

Inspector Dominique went on to say that the workload of the police force concerning drug policing has gone largely unchanged.