330 Approved for Housing Reconstruction Through HRP

by: - July 14, 2020
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Three hundred and thirty local residents have so far been approved for housing reconstruction assistance via the Housing Recovery Programme- a collaboration between the Dominica Government and the World Bank.

The island-wide project was designed to replace destroyed houses while building resilience in the housing sector in Dominica.

The Housing Recovery Project, initiated after Hurricane Maria completely destroyed 4500 homes and partially destroyed more than twenty -thousand supports owner-driven reconstruction.

The project was launched to reconstruct 1700 homes no larger than 500 square-foot and has received more than 2800 applications.

Project manager of the Housing Recovery Programme, Nicholas Bruno reported, “I could roughly say we have approved about 330 names to be included, however, there are other details that need to be worked out.”

Bruno further stated, “The intention is to publish the first set of beneficiaries hopefully [this] week. The initial amount, obviously, will be a fraction of the total beneficiaries. We are still evaluating applications. We’ve had a long process of application review to determine the final beneficiaries under the project. To-date we have nominated 44 [claims] that have been submitted to the ministry, they have not yet been published.”

Successful applicants, those who meet all required eligibility criteria and pass the comprehensive screening process, will be provided with financial and technical assistance for their reconstruction with technical support to ensure resilient best engineering practices.

“There are four phases to the application process and we are at various stages with the application. We are now having what we call the review by the stakeholders,” Bruno explained.

The eligibility criteria requires, among other things, that the house not be in a landslide or flood risk area or should be relocatable.

Special consideration is given to single households, the elderly, the disable and the most vulnerable groups, like persons still living in a shelter or still living with others.

Financial support will be provided in the form of a grant, to the homeowner, of the amount of EC $50,000 with payment releases linked to attaining key construction stages of a safe, resilient new home.