Public Service Union Gets Commitment From PM for Quarterly Meetings

by: - July 10, 2020
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                                        PM Skerrit and Thomas Letang on One on One


The Public Service Union which represents about 4,000 public sector workers has gotten a commitment from the Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Finance for more regular meetings.

The Union’s General Secretary, Thomas Letang was asked by the Hon Roosevelt Skerrit how the relationship could be improved for the best interest of government workers. 

“I believe dialogue is extremely important,” Letang responded. “There must be constant dialogue between the union and the authorities. Sometimes we are not happy that the dialogue isn’t there.”

He added, “Sometimes we would write and not get an acknowledgment of our letters and I think that is bad. Sometimes, also, when you do get a response after we have raised the matter, [one] would not be happy with the response.”

Letang shared that confirmation of receipt of letters is not enough. He advised, “…Write back… Acknowledge the receipt of the letter and even if you do not have the answers yet, say something about it; say that the matter is being addressed, we will get back to you. I find it is not professional.”

The Dominica Public Service Union has been in negotiations with government for some time now with little forward movement in the direction of salary increases and other wants.

He suggested quarterly meetings as part of improved relations between the union and employer.

Letang did get a commitment from the Hon Prime Minister for quarterly meetings.