$23m Cochrane Road Complete

by: - July 3, 2020
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                                             Cochrane Road                      June 2020


Cochrane’s Hon Parliamentary Representative is proud of a new stretch of road which has just been finished.

“It’s a job well done and it’s a $23 million dollars well spent so we are very happy about that road,” new MP, Dr Irving McIntyre said pleased that the road is finally open.

Residents and visitors to Cochrane were told in 2013 that the main road into the hilltop community would get due attention.

Work began in 2014 and road users drove through Canefield and Springfield to use a secondary turn off into Cochrane as the bypass in the meantime. This bypass was made usable with an $80,000 upgrade.

“It’s a pleasure driving on that road; its 3.9 kilometers of road and actually cost the government $23 million dollars,” he said.

Dr McIntyre says this underlines “that although it might be a small community and it’s a road that leads to one village, the government didn’t spare that. It just shows how everyone is being catered for,regardless of how remote or how small your village is. The government actually spent $23 million on a road to Cochrane.”

He added that the road is “well-done…the drainage and everything, more so with hurricane season now. We really wanted it done before hurricane season.”

Dr McIntyre effused, “It’s important to note that this project started long before the election and actually we completed it after the election, just to underline the fact it wasn’t a gimmick. It had to be done and we got it done. So we are really pleased about that.”

In 2018, the road was said to cost $11.2 million by the then-MP, Dr Colin McIntyre.