Continuing Education Included in Contract Renewal Criteria for Medical Professionals

by: - July 2, 2020
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Medical professionals who hope to keep working in the local healthcare system will be required to indicate by meeting certain professional criteria.

The National Health Commission has revealed that professionals will be required to be abreast of innovations to remain at the top. 

“Nobody, in the new arrangement, will have a job for life… There will be legislation that says if you are a professional working at the hospital, you will have to have your contract of service renewed periodically,” detailed His Excellency Eliud Williams a member of the National Health Commission.

He gave examples.

“For that contract of service to be renewed, you will have to show that you have done a certain minimum number of hours of continuing professional education. You would have had to make rounds…You would have had to [see] a certain number of public patients who need surgery…that is going to be recorded.”

Mr Williams says this is the future of health service delivery in Dominica.

The Commission has declared that accountability and reporting will be critical.

“Essentially what you will see in the new arrangements is that people will be empowered. Patients will know they have rights and those who work to satisfy these needs will have to report on what they do.”