National Health Commission Pursues Accountability in Health Care Delivery

by: - July 1, 2020
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His Excellency Mr Eliud Williams

The new governance system of the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital will be based heavily on the watchwords of answerability, responsibility and reporting.

Former President of Dominica and a member of the National Health Commission, his Excellency Eliud Williams spoke on the subject on Sunday.

He discussed the draft Hospital Authorities Act as the measure for the delivery of care at the hospital.

“We’re gonna move from a situation where there is little accountability… we want to do is ensure that work is done even better. In the draft legislation there is provision for the [health] minister at any time to request information from the board from the CEO on any incident at the hospital,” he explained adding that a timeframe would exist for a response to that request.

“We think that is important because the minister may need that information to respond to questions in the House.”

The commission is currently engaged in establishing a national Health Board to manage the hospital.

“A nurse who should have rails on the bed of a stroke patient,” he listed as an example of accountability, “failing to put that rail and the patient falls; in the new dispensation, there will have to be a report why it wasn’t done.

“One thing that will be very different is that staff at the hospital, lab tech, x-ray and doctors, everyone is going to be held responsible against predetermined action.”

“There will be a form, if a technician or a doctor has to respond to a call, that must be documented. The time the call is made, when the doctor, nurse or the lab tech responded, what action was taken, how was it taken, and the time frame.”

Furthermore, he says, a public meeting with the management board of the hospital will take place each year where the people’s power will be recognised.