Acquaculture & Acquaponics Systems Becoming Mainstream

by: - June 30, 2020
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(Fisheries Division) The Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Blue and Green Economy Agriculture and National Food Security continues to explore new ways and alternative methods to agriculture while addressing climate resiliency within the fisheries sector.

Through the UN FAO (Climate Change) CC4FISH Project, which includes the development of the aquaculture industry and introducing the wider population to the concepts of aquaponics, on Monday June 22 2020 a nutrient film technique (NFT) aquaponics system was installed within the water feature of the Government Headquarters building.

The water feature is quite spacious, and a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) aquaponics system was designed within it. Aquaponics involves the soil-less culture of crops, fertilized by fish waste water. The NFT system comprises large PVC pipes, with holes to accommodate plants grown in cups or net pots. Water is then pumped through the pipes, directly supplying the roots of the plants with the requisite nutrients for growth. The continuous flow of water ensures that the roots of the plants are adequately oxygenated.

The materials for the demonstration NFT system were locally sourced and cost approximately 300 XCD. It was installed by an FAO consultant and two fisheries officers. The plants stocked into the system were provided by the Division of Agriculture’s Plant Propagation Unit.

The Government Headquarters building in Roseau contains a water feature complete with ornamental plants and fish including 10 large koi. Given that the building houses eleven (11) ministries/offices and is visited by a wide cross section of people on a daily basis, it provided the ideal location for a demonstration aquaponics system on island.