Negative PCR Test Plus Rapid Test Required for Entry When Borders Open

by: - June 29, 2020
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Douglas Charles Airport

Details have emerged of some of the requirements for individuals wishing to come to Dominica when borders open next month.

Government has said that commercial passenger traffic should resume in July but no date has yet been given.

Hon Health Minister, Dr Irving McIntyre, said on Sunday that allowing outsiders into the island is a delicate matter for which no guidelines exist and each country must take its own circumstances under consideration.

Dr McIntyre revealed,”Prior to coming here, we would love that you have a PCR test done, preferable within 72 hrs. We also have the online questionnaire that the person has to fill out.”

The questionnaire will ask for the arrival’s address, 14 day travel history and place of work in order to determine the level of risk.

Hon McIntyre continued, “Then we can take measures accordingly. When we get here as well, we have temperature screening if you are 99. 8oC and below then you go to the next stage, if you are 99. 8oC and above then you go to the secondary screening. That’s our fourth line of defense.”

 He said further that rapid test results can be ready within 15 minutes. Where the health authorities would require further testing, the individuals would be put into isolation until a PCR test comes back 24 hours later. The traveller will pay for this test.

Every new arrival will be subject to a rapid test without exception.

“If the person is IgM positive, it is very likely they could have been in contact with someone with Covid recently, so this person goes to the secondary screening site,” Dr McIntyre detailed. “This person does not enter the terminal. This person goes to the quarantine facility or a designated facility by the government until we get the result in 24hrs. If the person is positive IgG that means they have immunity, then they are free to go through the terminal.”

He also indicated the importance of community participation.

“If the person is negative for IgG and IgM then that person is still followed up with. That is where the surveillance in the district and at the hotels is of paramount importance.”

Locals will be able to self-quarantine under observation from the District Health Team.

For efficiency at the ports of entry, an officer will process the traveller’s documents while another conducts the testing.