National Health Commission Working to Establish National Health Board for Dominica China Friendship Hospital

by: - June 26, 2020
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                               Dominica China Friendship Hospital

Work has been underway to establish a National Health Board which will manage the operations of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital from 2021.

A National Health Commission was activated to create this nine-member board.

Dr Dorian Shillingford is Chair of the Commission.

“The hospital is the most expensive part of all the health… services that we are providing,” he said on a radio show this week. “We are spending 70% on staff at the hospital in terms of our expenditure…We have also the facilities to function, electricity, water and cleaning. The emphasis has been on the hospital right now but the Commission was really set up to look into the whole question of health together with Pan American health Organization.”

Dr Donald Peters is a member of the National Health Commission and he says a law has already been drafted to govern the National Health Board.

“Legislation is the toughest one,” he said. “To really get it going, we had a lot of help from overseas so we are almost ready. We made recommendations for the composition of the new board.. We have developed a new governance structure for management of the hospital to Cabinet. The Prime Minister has made some suggestions but largely they have accepted the structure that we have presented to them.”

Dr Peters added, “We have also advertised for the position of CEO and so we got 19 applicants and now we have three finalists. We have submitted a budget to complete the objective, I suppose that will be approved by this week.

“We have also met with all the sectors of the hospital and staff,”  Dr Peters said adding that health wokrers are enthusiastic about the prospect. “I must say that in research the scariest thing for making transition of that nature is staff buying, we are really conscious of that and started meeting with the staff earlier and we will continue with that process until 2021 because there is no way you can put a hospital system together without the staff, they have to be integrally involved in the decision making process.”