CARIMAN: Encouraging Men to be Responsible and Equal Partners at Home

by: - June 20, 2020
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Happy Fathers’ Day!

The Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) joins with all Dominican in extending appreciation to fathers across the Nation for their unwavering commitment to their children and families. We recognize that parenting is not always easy, and that harmful gender norms often discourage men and boys from participating in domestic and care work in the home. Nevertheless, countless men in our society step up to the plate and shoulder the responsibilities that come with fatherhood.

Fathers play a unique and important role in their children’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Research also shows that men who have close, non-violent connections with their children live longer, have fewer mental and physical problems, are less likely to abuse drugs, are more productive at work and are happier than fathers who do not have these kinds of connection with their children. While the ideal time for the start of a father’s involvement would be during the prenatal stage (or pregnancy), we believe it is never too late to reconnect and encourage all men who may have been estranged from their children, no matter their age, to begin making the first steps to reconciliation.

As we continue to adjust to the “new normal” and navigate the challenges thrown at us by the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage every father to be:

  • Involved in the life of his child by spending quality and quantity time with them;
  • Consistent in his words and actions, committed to be a good role model;
  • Aware of his child’s dreams, fears, strengths and challenges; and
  • Nurturing, providing responsible and loving care that meets his child’s emotional and social needs; and
  • An ally in the movement against Gender-Based Violence. 


Fatherhood also offers an ideal opportunity to achieve gender equality at home as men can move beyond the rigid roles of financial provider and protector for their families and contribute more to household chores and caregiving. Globally, women and girls spend significantly more time than men and boys on domestic and care work in the home. We challenge all fathers to reflects on this and commit to shared caregiving and domestic responsibilities, not as favours but as equal partners at home.

Happy Fathers’ Day!




The Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) is a regional network of individuals and organization working on transforming masculinities and engaging men and boys to promote gender Equity and Equality.