DAPD burglarized for the second time in two months.

by: - September 12, 2011
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Backdoor of DAPD's office which was forced open durigng the robbery.

President of the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD), Mr Michael Murphy has condemned acts of violence which resulted in the loss of five computers at the institution on Sunday.

Police are currently investigating a burglary at the institution, the second incident of such nature within two months, located at Canal Lane in Goodwill.

Mr Murphy said that the incident is a great loss for the institution.

“I just want to express my deep concern and regret that this has happened to an organization like the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities. We have for a number of years worked extremely hard to acquire such equipment for the benefit of some of our members. For some reason or the other it would appear to me that Dominica seems to be developing an industry of thieves that I think serious action needs to be taken against them when they are caught and I hope this time they are caught.”

Mr. Murphy also reported to the media that the association will cooperate with the police in ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

“We are not going to rest until we have found and discover where those computer equipments are, we are going to join with the police; we hope they will cooperate with us, in ensuring that the thieves are caught and brought to justice.”

One of the volunteers at the organization, Miss Merina was the first person on the scene after the incident.

She too, views the incident as one that is depressing.

“On my arrival I noticed this door on the West it was wide open, it was forced, the locks were damaged, the locks were broken down and everything scattered, the draws pulled out. I did cry to see that everything was gone for the second time and such a place like DAPD that somebody could do such a thing like that to us.”

The computers were recently donated to the institution by the Japanese Government.

One of the Japanese volunteers working with the DAPD is responsible for keeping the inventory, said that she is disappointed in the persons responsible for this incident.

“Five computers and five monitors which were donated by Japanese Government and I am very sad and very disappointed. Who can do this to DAPD which is such a great organization? Please as soon as possible help us to find the thieves.”

Police Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector Kenth Matthew.

[Police Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector Kenth Matthew says that while investigations are continuing into the incident, no arrests have been made yet.

“It allegedly occurred between 4pm on Saturday the 9th day of September, 2011 and 10am on Sunday the 11th. The place was secured at about 4pm on Saturday and at about 10:20am one of the Executive Members of this Association came across at the building and found that a door on the Western side was forced open. On initial examinations, three computers from that establishment were stolen. As to whether other items were missing or what other items are missing the police have not yet been informed of but investigations are continuing. There is no arrest yet in this matter.”

Administrative Assistant of the DAPD Annemarie Nathan told Dominica Vibes News that five computers, a scanner, flash drive, magic jack, and soft drinks were stolen over the weekend and this is a significant loss to the organization.

“They stole five computers and a scanner over the weekend. The scanner was used to scan books for a blind student Loik Charles a fourth former of the St. Mary’s Academy. I would scan the text books for him and save it on the flash drive so that he could use for his classes. They ransacked my desk, threw down my file folders, and we had some soft drinks there for sale, they took them. It’s a great loss and hindrance; we are now back at scratch. I am heartbroken as it is very time consuming to scan the books”

DAPD, formed in 1983, is an organization formed to give support to persons living with disabilities, and include member who any kind of physical or mental limitation.

DAPD has established itself as an effective voice for persons with disabilities in Dominica and has successfully worked to raise the consciousness of the public and private sectors regarding both the difficulties faced by disabled people in society and the potential of disabled people.

DAPD currently has over 400 members.

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