Five of ‘Moun Séryé’ Detained and Questioned for Incitement and Conspiracy

by: - May 29, 2020
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Five men were arrested and released Thursday for questioning on suspicion of conspiracy to overthrow the government.

The men were detained following a video discussion posted to social media Tuesday expressing anti-government sentiment and calling for street protest to remove the sitting government.

Karshma “Buju” Richards of Newtown started the discussion with, “We have one solution as a people. We have to come together and have one discussion and one outcome: to remove Roosevelt Skerrit, the Labour administration, all their cronies out of the police station, the government and the court system.”

He said opposers are traitors to Dominica and this unseating must take place at all costs. Another panelist in the discussion assured Dominicans that their actions would not contravene the Dominica constitution.

The eight member panel styled Moun Séryé included Dunstan Maggie Peter, Earl “Bombs” Henderson, Seth Gussie, Davidson “Pyro” Julien and Loftus Durand.

Richards is said to have led protest outside the State House in the lead-up to the 2019 General elections and Durand is leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement.

Their attorney, Ronald Charles spoke with reporters before his clients’ release on Thursday night saying the police are considering the matter conspiracy.

“Conspiracy as it relates to overthrow and trying to incite people to overthrow the sitting constitutional government…We have done one or two preliminary interviews.”

Loftus Durand is represented by attorney, Cara Shillingford.