Alternative Peoples’ Party Calls for Peaceful Dialogue Following Thursday’s Arrests for Incitement

by: - May 29, 2020
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APP’s Statement on the arrest of Kashma “Buju” Francis and the brothers of Moun Sèwyé


The Holy Bible, in the book of Philippians Chapter 2:3, speaks about conceit and humility, especially as pertains to matters of leadership and the people. Guided by this, it is necessary for leaders to be reminded that people play a central role in the governance of their affairs. We need to work together. We need to identify with the pain of our brothers and sisters. We must respect each other and find creative ways of solving our differences.

News of the arrest of Kashma “Buju” Richards and the brothers of Moun Sèwyé worry us; we believe that the constant flexing of the strong arm of the law can be scaled-back. Inflamed partisan bickering and the polarized atmosphere on the island is a cause for much concern, and APP stands ready to mediate. We believe that the best way of solving such issues is to seat around the bargaining table and talk things over. Arrests, intimation (from all angles), brutality, conspiracy, cover-up, abuse of authority, and threats, cannot be the solution that Dominica needs at present.

Let us have a sober discussion on the way forward as one people on the lovely Island of Dominica.

Government – including the parliamentary opposition – the police and other institution of law enforcement and justice, Dominicans from all persuasions; our country is haemorrhaging, and we need to stem the flow. Intimidation and charges of conspiracy, fear-mongering and anger will not solve the issues which now divide us. We at APP believe that the most meaningful way to address our problems is to do so with love, understanding, and respect for all.

We hope that the young men who were picked up by the police on Thursday, 28 May 2020, are treated humanely, and after the ordeal is over, we urge that – once and for all – that all the players meet in meaningful dialogue to chart the way forward. Peace is attained through peaceful means, and lasting peace hinges on justice.

May justice prevail in our blessed land, and may the good lord touch the hearts of those leaders among us who have lost the vision of people-centered progress.

We can fix this thing together: why not begin now.

                                                APP – Steadfast. Engaging. Fair