Ministry of Environment Warns Against Illegal Burning

by: - May 14, 2020
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(Ministry of Environment) The Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernisation and Kalinago Upliftment supports the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health investments in the fight against Covid 19.

The Ministry wishes to congratulate The Prime Minister, Hon. Dr Irvin McIntyre, Permanent Secretary and Staff of the Ministry of Health and all frontline workers on the excellent job to date in containing the spread of the deadly virus on island.

The Ministry is appealing to ALL residents to avoid illegal burning activities at their homes or on near-by open fields.

These fires release toxic chemicals which pollute the air inhaled by humans and animals.

Residue from burning also contaminates the soil and groundwater and can enter the human food chain through crops and livestock. In addition, certain chemicals released by burning can accumulate in the fat of animals and be transferred to humans when we consume meat and dairy products.

Exposure to the smoke released by these fires also puts individuals with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions at higher risk and increases their vulnerability to the effects of  Covid 19.

An appeal is also being made to persons residing in areas which are prone to bush fires to monitor their surroundings and to seek guidance from the Fire Service regarding protective measures.

The Ministry also wishes to remind all residents to dispose of face masks, tissues and other waste material after single use and to utilize the garbage collection days communicated by the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation for waste disposal.