First Cruise Ship Returns Dominica Crew

by: - May 14, 2020
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Carnival Glory off Cabrits Credit: Variety


Vibes News has confirmed from a reliable source affiliated with the Carnival Cruise Line that 17 Dominican crew members who have been at work abroad for months have arrived on the island and will be quarantined at the Covid facility in Portsmouth.

The Hon Minister for Health and Wellness, Dr Irvign McIntyre had said this past Saturday evening that Dominica’s government would allow students and crew members to return home.

This morning, the ship anchored off the Cabrits Berth and the Dominicans were tendered to officials here.

Barbados was the previous stop but 92 Vincentians were repatriated last Saturday.

Royal Caribbean is expected to bring more crew next week and officials say more of the same will take place in the coming weeks.

The cruise blog ‘I Like Cruise Ships’ reports that Carnival is in the process of group crew members by regions and transferring them from one ship to another in order to take home as many people as possible in each country.

This is a huge logistical process due to the fact that the crew members are from 60 plus countries from around the world and they are located on different cruise ships. Therefore all crew will need to be ready to receive their travel arrangements and transfer to another ship. The crew transfer from one ship to another might be by air or bus depending on the location of the crew and the ship.

Carnival Glory was selected to sail to Latin America, with stops in the Caribbean, Central America including countries on the Northern parts of South America.