APP Condemns Photographic Attack On Team Member

by: - May 13, 2020
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Only a day after the Alternative People’s Party introduced itself to the local politic scene, it says it has come under attack by ‘politricksters’ – the very practice which the party says it wants to oppose.

The four-woman led party issued a statement on Wednesday morning referring to an image meant to bring its 19-year-old Administrative Assistant, Sherlyn Sabaroche into disrepute.

The statement follows:

APP is not into Gutter Politics

Less than 24 hours following the official launch of our website, we are forced to deal with the ugliness of Dominica’s gutter politics.

Four powerful young women were introduced as part of the interim executive of the Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP), and already persons have chosen to resort to dirty politics in their effort to frame our proud Dominican women.

We expected the criticisms to come, but what was not expected was the false impersonation and vicious denigration of our youngest member. There are many occasions when politics goes too far and this is yet another sad example.

We firmly condemn this scurrilous attack on our sister. We further appeal to the conscience of the players who are behind the spread of the picture which falsely impersonates our sister, to reflect on the sort of newness that we intend to bring to politics on the island; one of hope, progress, unity and love.

This is a crude and cowardly way of waging a political battle, and it is not the sort of welcome which should be offered to young people who dare to be different. This seems to be the new norm in our political environment, and it is high time that we divorced ourselves from this filthy side of Dominica’s politics.

We are calling on citizens, especially, the women and youth activists in our society, to disavow these types of behaviours. Our focus at this moment should be on guiding the country towards prosperity and not getting involved with dirty ‘politricks’.

Such filthiness will never be part of our agenda here at APP. Our stance on this remains clear whether such efforts are against the leadership of the Government or the Opposition. We need to stop the usage of gutter politics from further smearing the image of Dominica’s political landscape.

We urge those who have differences of opinion to engage in healthy discussions with us…let not resort to libel, slander and/or malicious behaviours. The journey to all-inclusive agenda of national progress begins with the APP. We are a party by all and for all.

APP – Media & Public Relations Coordinating Team