Trinidad: Entire Police Station Under Quarantine in Trinidad, Cases Rise,

by: - March 28, 2020
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(Newsday T&T) Trinidad National Security Minister reported that officers of the Arouca Police Station have been placed into quarantine after a police officer with a recent travel history began experiencing flu-like symptoms this week.

He was speaking at a media conference held at the Health Ministry, Port of Spain, Friday.

Young said that the normal protocols regarding testing for COVID-19 would apply to the officers. He reported the station was being sanitised.

“Officers will be tested if they present symptoms.”

He stressed there would be no lessening of the effectiveness of police in the area as there had been further deployment of other services.

The police in a media release stated that Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith ordered the closure of the police station. The release said the officer left the country on March 4 without the necessary approval and went to St Maarten. When he returned Trinidad on March 7 he went back to work as normal instead of self-quarantining.

The release stated the station would be closed for sanitisation, and people wishing to make reports should do so at the Arima, Maloney, Piarco and Tunapuna police stations.

President of the Police Social and Welfare Association, acting Inspector Gideon Dickson, previously told Newsday the officer has since self quarantined and has been tested. He said after it is confirmed whether or not the officer contracted the disease, they will investigate whether he was operating in the station during the 14-day incubation period, and do contact tracing.

As of the Saturday morning, the Health Ministry reports the following:

Number of samples submitted to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) for testing for COVID-19 487

Number of samples which have tested positive 74

Number of deaths 3

Number of persons discharged 1

Of the total number of positive cases,

* 49 of these positive cases came from the group of nationals who recently returned from a cruise:

* 46 positive cases from the group of 68 nationals who returned from the cruise together

* 3 positive cases from the group of nationals who returned from the same cruise separately from the other 68 nationals.


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