NCCU Operational Changes

by: - March 27, 2020
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The NCCU Ltd., in keeping with one of our co-operative principles, “concern for the community” and in light of the current situation with COVID 19 is revising business hours.

Our concern remains the well-being of our staff and members and it is against this background, that effective March 28, 2020, the following is being implemented:

  • Members requiring services which are not available through the CU Online Services and at the ATMs are required to schedule an appointment.
  • To schedule an appointment or make an enquiry, please contact us by calling the respective NCCU LTD offices and Branches as follows:
    1. Head Office: 255-2172
    2. Roseau: 255-2195
  • La Salette: 255-2227, 255-2230 iv. Paul: 255-2213, 255-2215, 255-2218
  1. Vieille Case: 255-2241
  2. David’s: 255-2256
  • Castle Bruce: 255-2264, 255-2263

We also encourage our members to utilize our digital services – CU Online Services and the use of their International Debit Card. Members who currently does not possess an ATM card NCCU Ltd will be happy to assist you in obtaining one by calling 255-2126 to schedule an appointment.

NCCU is committed to assisting members through this difficult time by providing a safer way to minimize the spread of Corona virus.

Members and the general public are asked to take note and be guided accordingly.


March 27, 2020.