Principal Nursing Officer Promises to “Jealously Guard” Nurses Wellbeing in COVID19 Fight

by: - March 24, 2020
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                                          Terillia Ravaliere, Principal Nursing Officer

Trained and licensed nurses are being engaged to do battle on the coronavirus frontlines with a promise that they will be well-looked after.

Nurses who are out of the service but who are accredited are said to be willing to deliver service.

Terillia Ravaliere is Principal Nursing Officer (PNO), head of the nursing service.

“I have already approached the retired nurses,” she reported last week, “And I am thankful already for the response…They said yes, I I’m willing to assist.”

She says the service recognises that these nurses are of retirement age and some may be at risk. Ravaliere says they will be used to care for other patients like diabetics, hypertensives and others.

“We also have nurses who are qualified and presently are not in the government system, we have approached them and they have showed their willingness.”

The PNO says nurses in training have been assessed with a view to use them in service if needs be.

She says she will guard her nurses “jealously” to ensure their health and safety while they deliver top class care to their patients and their physical, occupational and psychological needs are being catered for.

“We took into consideration the working hours for each and every staff member to avoid risk and burnout,” Ravaliere says revealing a restructuring of the shift system.

“We have created three different shift systems: a nurse will most probably work in a unit for about 8 hours instead of 12.

“We have ensured that nursing personnel have adequate equipment and supplies, we keep our eyes open and we have made housing arrangements for all staff to protect family members.”

She says nurses will be quarantined before going home.