Ministry of Health Updates: Observation and Screening Continue, No Cases

by: - March 19, 2020
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The Ministry of Health has revealed that since the World Health Organisation declared COVID19 a global pandemic, over 100 travellers from hotspot countries have been screened at ports of entry and not a single case has been detected in Dominica.

The Ministry of Health held a press briefing earlier today addressed by top health officials as well as the Hon Prime Minister. The message is that event was that the safety of the population is of primary concern and the economic fallout is secondary.

Officials outlined the numerous measures implemented to protect the nation’s health.

Those measures, they believe have been contributing factors to Dominica’s zero case status.

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed says that the island has been on constant lookout for patient zero since the end of January.

People have been isolated and observed over 14-day periods and except for three who exhibited concerning symptoms but later tested negative, there have been no incidents.

As of March 19, Dominica remains free of any detected cases of COVID19.

He said communities are also being monitored for suspected cases- the definition of which is flu-like symptoms and a travel history of note.

Dr Ahmed said even cases of mild symptoms like fever or upper respiratory tract infection are being quarantined and watched closely.

Matron at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital, Vanya Bruney-Loblack updated on two centres which will serve as isolation units.

Both centres in Portsmouth and near DCF Hospital have nearby buildings which will be used for triage. Both isolation units are ready to serve.

Roseau’s centre has eight beds with two for ICU and Portsmouth, 24 with six for ICU care.

Radiology, pharmacy and lab services will eventually be available at the Portmouth centre, St James.

Meantime, the Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit assures that the island has been in focused preparation. He says every day, Dominica has been safer than the day before because of a constant review of plans by commendable and dedicated workers.

A PAHO team has been on island surveilling preparedness operations from the port to quarantine centers and every stage in between.

A food and water supply committee has been established as well as a cabinet subcommittee chaired by the Hon Prime Minister.

Hon Skerrit also announced that standpipes will be reinstated around the city with soap and towels and an attendant to provide help.

Those are among measures being taken to keep the island’s cases at zero.

The Ministry of Health once again updates that Dominica has no suspected or confirmed COVID19 cases at this time.


Ministry of Health Press Conference

Ministry of Health Press Conference

Posted by Roosevelt Skerrit on Thursday, March 19, 2020