Hon Finance Minister Talks Contract Tendering for Local Projects

by: - February 12, 2020
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The subject of project contracts and the tendering process was debated in the house on Tuesday morning.

The Opposition United Workers Party has spoken against the ruling Labour Party for what it considers marginalisation of local contractors by Government favouring larger overseas-based companies.

Hon Finance Minister and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit responded to that assertion with a challenge to respect the results of the established tendering process.

Hon Skerrit was speaking of interventions in health, specifically several health centre projects ongoing and planned for the short term.

Hon Skerrit said the terms of those jobs are determined by larger factors.

“Dominica is not an island unto its own and there are countries which are qualified under the rules of the World Bank to tender for any project but you have to meet certain minimum requirements. Saying that you are a contractor does not qualify you to get a contract,” he said.

“There are times you will have to put, for example, a bond in the bank of a certain percentage of the contractual sum so that in the event that there is any defect, the client can access these bonds to rectify the problems.”

He added that government is moving to make local contractors better positioned to take advantage of greater opportunities.

“This is what we tried to do by providing contracts to local [contractors] to get them to have CV’s and resumes [listing] the number of projects they have had with the contractual sums so that when they are tendering for projects from the World Bank, CDB and European Union, they can show their financial standing.”