Work Ongoing on Geneva Playing Field and Health Centre: GrandBay MP

by: - February 12, 2020
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                                                   Hon Edward Registe (file photo)

Hon Parliamentary Representative for Grandbay Constituency, Edward Registe has revealed that work has been ongoing in his district in the areas of sports and health.

A project has been underway to restore the functionality of the Geneva Playing Field.

“We are attempting to undertake a major drainage project there,” he revealed. “The field was inundated by the Geneva River during Tropical Storm Erika and again during Hurricane Maria and so it was a major swamp and a pile of rubble.”

Hon Registe detailed, “We have been able to successfully clear out the rubble and it is important to ensure that we put in proper drainage because we have observed that when there are downpours, water settles in some areas.”

Hon Registe adds that the Grandbay Health Center is being retrofitted in the meantime to make it more resistant to service interruption due to climatic events.

“You would see work ongoing at the Grand Bay Health Centre to improve it and make it a smart health centre to enable better service delivery. It will also help build resilience into the health sector so that when we have disasters, the health centres would [resume service] very quickly.”

The hope is to have all health centres connect to a national medical database.