17 Jamaican Criminals Deported from UK

by: - February 12, 2020
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(Jamaica Observer) Two convicted rapists, eight convicted drug offenders, and three persons convicted of robbery and firearm offences are among 17 Jamaicans deported Tuesday morning.

A spokesperson for the British Home Office told the Jamaica Observer that all 17 deportees are serious foreign criminals who had to be deported from the UK.

“We make no apology whatsoever for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals,” it said.

According to the Home Office, court ruling prevented the deportation of some foreign nationals who were convicted of rape, sexual attacks, violence and drug crimes which spread misery across the UK.

The home office spokesperson said, “The legal process for removing these offenders, which has included repeated appeals and judicial reviews, has already cost the British public tens of thousands of pounds.”

Only three of the 17 persons who are being deported from the United Kingdom had relatives arrive at the Jamaica constabulary’s specialized operations area by the end of Tuesday.

One of the relatives says she had not seen her 55-year-old brother in 20 years.

The relative said despite her brother’s unfortunate situation, she is anticipating his arrival.

The 17 foreign criminals with a combined sentence of 75 years and one life sentence were deported on this year’s charter flight.

This includes a combined total of 15.5 years for rape, 16 years for violent offences, almost 29 years for drug-related offences, including Class A drugs, and 14 years for robbery with possession of firearms.