House Opposition Leader Not Yet Appointed, Senior Counsel

by: - February 7, 2020
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                      Senior Counsel, Anthony Astaphan

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan is saying that UWP leader, Lennox Linton has not officially been appointed the parliamentary Opposition Leader.

He says when the House was dissolved prior to elections in December, the seat of the Opposition was vacated as were other parliamentary positions.

“The Constitution makes express provision for the fact that once the House is dissolved…every seat in the Parliament is vacated. Members are no longer members of the House of Parliament or Senators and he is no longer the leader of the opposition,” he says.

Astaphan continues, “the provisions of the very same Section 66 upon which Mr Linton relies makes it very clear that the dissolution of the House is one of causes of the seat being vacated.”

Section 66 of Dominica’s laws says the Parliamentary Opposition Leader is appointed by the president.

The Senior Counsel adds, “Even if you want to say it’s not so clear- which it is in my view- anybody with an understanding of the constitutional framework of governance should know that it is extraordinarily clear.”