Youth Development Division Continues Skill Training Programs

by: - February 6, 2020
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Youth Officer at Youth Development Division, Terry Raymond


The Youth Development Division continues its journey of engaging persons in skill training.

On Wednesday, the Division joined the Habitat for Humanity and the Lutheran World Relief to hold a National Construction Job Fair.

On the heels of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, habitat for humanity international in partnership with habitat for humanity of Trinidad and Tobago, with funding from Lutheran World Relief moved into Dominica in March 2018 providing housing repair and construction-related training to Dominicans.

As part of its departure, the organization found it fitting to support the staging of the National Construction Job Fair.

During his presentation, youth officer, Terry Raymond relayed that the Youth Development Division has been engaged in a number of programs and also anticipates to introduce courses in upcoming months.

Ongoing courses include auto body repair and spray painting.

“We have young men in Jimmit and Castle Bruce learning how to do auto body and spray painting courses. We have some courses that we are going to start off between next month and July.”

He expounded further, “These courses will be in hospitality arts because it is a booming industry and we looking at many aspects in Hospitality arts. We looking at sewing machine technician, and woodwork.  We have computer classes going around the island that will be continued too.” 

Meanwhile, a number of the division’s centers are being repaired following devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

However, Raymond assured that the centers will be repaired with resilience in mind.

“We are going about it in a technical way. The Ministry is the one who is facilitating this process. We are going to be redoing most of our centers. We finished the one in Grandbay, and now the Grandbay School may be using there. We also have the Roseau center to finish as well as the Delices center to start and finish. We have a lot of centers that have been damaged during the Hurricane and we are looking toward building them back better, building them with greater excellence that can  withstand maybe a category five Hurricane,” Raymond remarked.