“Happy to Relinquish the Position at Any Time” UWP Leader

by: - January 25, 2020
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                                         Leader of United Workers Party, Lennox Linton

The Hon leader of the Opposition has revealed that, his continued leadership was questioned following the 2019 general elections and he is now publicly responding.

The leader conveyed that he was approached with questions concerning his failure to step down as party leader following the party’s defeat in the 2019 general elections.

“People asked why didn’t you step down after the last election?” he said Friday. “We were in a state of difficulty; we had just lost an election and I am one who has always been interested in and committed to smooth transition in leadership and succession in positions so at that point it wasn’t for me to abandon the party that had elected me leader and say ‘look your leadership, I finish with that.’

Linton went on, “That’s not how I operate, we will have smooth transition into new leadership whenever that time comes whether be it next month, the month after, November or whenever. As far as I am concerned we will have transition into new leadership.”

At a United Workers Party press conference on Friday, Hon Lennox Linton hinted that come November, he may no longer be party leader.

That will be decided at the UWP annual delegates’ convention carded for November 2020.

At that convention, every executive position within the management structure of the party will be democratically contested.

Honorable Linton expressed that he is prepared to welcome new leadership if necessary.

“Come November 2020, we will hopefully be in a new Dominica where a lot of different things will happen and it may not be convenient or necessary for me to continue as leader of the United Workers Party.

“Someone may emerge who has better skills and capabilities and competencies for the position than I. Once that happens, I am happy to move on.

“You have to understand that the leadership of the United Workers Party is not the personal property of Lennox Linton and he is happy to relinquish the position at any time.”